about me.

Hi there!
First, I want to say that I am super happy that you visit my website!

My name is Lucia Lövig and I run the company Lövig Wellness.
Basically, I am a trained and certified personal trainer, dietitian, masseur and yoga instructor. I have worked with these parts since I started my training as a health trainer, autumn 2016.

I found the love of health and exercise already as a child and love everything that has to do with it.
I started leading gymnastics groups for kids as a 14-year-old and held a zumba pass at the gym.
I am also a trained pole dance instructor and I have held classes at "Flow Karlstad", Sweden.

Recently, I have chosen to specialize in yoga, mindfulness, strength training and dieting.

My vision is to reach out to as many people as possible through Lövig Wellness to inspire, motivate and show how simple it can be to achieve different goals within your workout and create a healthier lifestyle and find balance in everyday life!

Here you can see my well-earned certificates after a year of intensive full-time studies for "Health trainers" at Molkom Folkhögskola. The education is very comprehensive, and cannot be compared to the many distance education that only lasts a few weeks.

I have also 2 pcs. of 100 hours of yoga teacher training at Atma Yoga Center.